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Help Center
Welcome to Help Center!

This section is intended to help you when you are seeking guidance on how to administrate your syndicate and effectively benefit from all the great features of £otteryHelper.co.uk.

Also you can read this section offline by downloading £otteryHelper.co.uk Syndicate Manager's Manual that includes all the information here compiled into a complete PDF file.
*You need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read it which can be downloaded here.

We hope it serves you well. If you have suggestions regarding other topics that would be of interest or utility to you, please let us know.
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About £otteryHelper.co.uk
Basic concepts
Our approach
Limitations of our system
Being a Syndicate Manager
Managing the syndicate
Managing members
Managing money
Managing lines
The syndicate agreement
Manager's Zone
Syndicate overview
Members management
Money management
Syndicate agreement
Members management
Current Lines
Syndicate Configuration
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