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Help Center - About £
Syndicate managers across the country are having a hard time managing their syndicates. Managing a lottery syndicate is a thankless job, offering very little motivation. Of course, somebody has to do it; but even the most enthusiastic syndicate manager may fell overwhelmed by the task. His morale is hard to keep up – after all, he’s doing the job, but somebody else could do it just as well... Why him? Why should he have all the responsibility, while having no gain out of it?

This way, a lot of syndicates actually get disbanded, which leads to less playing and fewer players. Who has to suffer? Perhaps Camelot, the operators of the National Lottery?
According to the 1993 National Lottery Act, there exists a non-departmental public body (the National Lottery Commission), with three principal responsibilities; these are:
  • to ensure the Lottery is operated with all due propriety;
  • ensure the interests of participants are protected, and to
  • maximise returns to the Good Causes.
Take a look at the 3rd item. Good Causes! That means: funds for arts, sports, heritage, health, education, environment, community and charity. So, less playing would not mean in the first place a loss of profit to some company (which, by the way, only has a 0.5% of the revenue in profit).
The company would suffer, indeed. But there would be fewer face lifted parks, more befriending services failing because of insufficient funds, fewer new nursery buildings and gymnasiums for people with physical disabilities. The community would suffer. Everyone would suffer!

Most of the syndicate manager’s software out there has one major vice of conception: it can be used only by the syndicate manager; it may ease his managerial tasks, but in no way does it improve the experience of syndicate members; also, the managerial activities lack transparency

£ aims to offer a syndicate manager’s tool that goes beyond what the others have to offer, at least in the following respects:
  • improved members’ experience: because of this tool being an online one, any member of a syndicate can have instant access to all information pertaining to the syndicate, that is relevant to him; also, email communication and announcements would seem most welcome;
  • transparency: at the (small) expense of having a slightly more complex management system, we offer a more coherent way of doing things, which should practically eliminate any confusion that might arise, thus decreasing the chances that human mistakes be made.
And all this, of course – completely FREE!
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