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Help Center - Manager's Zone
All data in this section is for demonstration purposes only, and reflects in no way the situation of any registered syndicate.

As can be seen, a manager page has the same layout as the rest of the site.

The main difference – concerning the sides – is that the manager has his menu in the left column, and that in the right column the site statistics are replaced by syndicate statistics.
The right column may also hold tip (“Page help”) when appropriate.

As mentioned, all the pictures herein are for demonstrational purposes only. Actual pages may contain additional content.  
1. Syndicate Overview

All the content included by the image should be self-explanatory, with respect to chapter III.
2. To Do's

ToDo items

This page allows checking / unchecking the three default notes, as well as any notes that were set as enabled on the Custom notes. Refer to chapter III for details.

Any changes will be lost if ‘Save’ is not clicked before the page is left!

Custom Notes

This page allows the addition and removal of custom notes, as well as the enabling and disabling of the already existent ones.

Any changes to the enable state of the notes will be lost if ‘Save’ is not clicked before the page is left!
3. Members Management

Current Members

This page contains the list of current members; the buttons to the left allow the removal, suspending (or resuming) a membership, adding collections (regular or savings), and managing member winnings (handing to members or paying for their collections from their winnings account).

If any button is shown in grey, that respective button is disabled. Possible cases are: removal / suspending of the syndicate manager, and winnings account management if there are none.

The member’s name is a link to the page allowing the updating of member’s data.

If the member is in a special situation (namely: he is suspended, or has failed to agree online to the syndicate agreement until now), this issue is reported to the right of the member’s name.

The list is structured as follows: suspended members, followed by members who did not yet agree to the syndicate agreement; last, come members with no special issue. In each of these categories, members are sorted alphabetically by name. The colours used are: orange for suspended members and red for members who did not agree to the syndicate agreement this far.

The next column shows whether there are issues concerning member’s lines (namely, whether the member has set all lines he had to set or not); if he had set none, or if he had set only several – not all – of his lines, this is shown in red.

The next two columns show the current balance, respectively the amount in each member’s winnings account.

The balance may show up in grey (if the member is suspended), bold red (if the collection does not cover buying tickets for the next round), black (if the collection covers exactly one round) or green (if the member has advance payments).

The winnings may show up in grey (if there are none, and the member is suspended), black (if there are none, but the member is active) or bold blue (if they are any winnings).

Choosing to remove, suspend or resume a member yields a confirmation request:

Manually adding members

The image above should be self-explanatory. All fields were presented in III.2.

Editing a member's data

The image above should be self-explanatory. All fields were presented in III.2.

Collection from members

This page allows both the contributions to be paid and savings be collected.

The savings collection is possible only as a normal user collection, that is, money being paid directly by the member.

For contributions to be paid, three ways are provided (consistent to the terms available in the syndicate agreement): normal user collection, taking the amount from the syndicate winnings and having another member pay instead.

Contributions being paid from the syndicate savings account or from another member’s collections account require confirmation:


If a member’s collection is paid by another member, it can only be paid from his collection account; the winnings account of the donor will not be touched in any way. Also, at least a round’s tickets cost must remain in the donor’s account.

The balance is printed in bold red if it does not cover a round’s cost, in bold blue if it already covers exactly the cost of a round, or in bold green if there are advance payments.
The ‘next ? draws’ item is printed in dark blue if it covers a round’s cost; else it is drawn in red.
The ‘advance’ item is printed in black if null, or in green if not.

Members Winnings manipulation

This page allows money in a member’s winnings account to be either handed (sent) to him or to be used to pay for his collections.

Contributions being paid from the winnings account require confirmation:

Invited Members

This page contains both the form that is to be used to invite a member and the list of already invited members – together with the email address the invitation was sent to and their personal activation codes.

Clicking ‘Invite’ will bring up the email confirmation page.

For each invitation, you have an option to cancel it.

The invited member will not be notified that the invitation was canceled. It is the syndicate manager’s personal responsibility to announce him of this matter.

Invitation Email Confirmation Page

This page exists in order to give you a preview of the email that will sent to the invited member.

When you click ‘Confirm’, the email will be sent.
4. Money Management

Current Financial Status

The image above should be self-explanatory. All fields were presented in III.

The ‘collected for the next ? draws’ item is printed in black if it covers a round’s cost for all members; else it is drawn in red.
The ‘advance payments’ item is printed in black if null, or in green if not.

The ‘members’ winnings total’ item is printed in black if null, or in blue if not.

The ‘available savings’ item is printed in red if it does not cover the cost of one-off lines for the next draw, in black if it covers them exactly, or in green if the syndicate savings account holds more than presently required.

The ‘undistributed winnings’ item is printed in black if null, or in dark red if not.

Financial Operations

This page allows generic managing of the syndicate accounts.

Implemented operations are:
  • regular tickets buying – possible only if all members have paid for their respective lines, with respect to the next round;
  • one-off tickets buying – possible only if there are one-off lines set, and the syndicate savings account holds a large enough amount;
  • saving all or a part of the winnings (transfer from the syndicate winnings account to the syndicate savings account);
  • equal sharing of all or a part of the winnings (transfer from the syndicate winnings account to every active member’s winnings account an equal share);
  • specific member winnings distribution (for unequal sharing) of all or a part of the winnings (transfer from the syndicate winnings account to a certain member’s winnings account;
  • generic usage (removal) of funds held in the syndicate savings (arranging meetings might be a fine example)
The ‘Available (to buy syndicate lines)’ item is shown in red if it contains less than the requirement, or in black if it contains enough. Note: the amount is superiorly limited by the required amount; the same rule applies to the ‘Available (to buy one-off lines)’.

The ‘undistributed winnings’ item is printed in black if null, or in dark red if not.

Financial History

£ logs all financial operations taking place on it. Thus, this page contains a list of all financial events that took place since the syndicate was registered.

Eventually – though not recommended – a payment may be removed from this list, while its effects not being undone, by using the leftmost button on the line that contains the desired payment. This feature was added mainly for syndicate managers to clean up financial information concerning former syndicate members, information which may be presently completely irrelevant.

In addition, a limited possibility that the manager undo a certain payment is available, by using the second icon on any line.
Note that this feature was designed minding the immediate correction of data input errors. There is no way of guaranteeing the success of a certain undo operation – as every possible check is made to ensure that after undoing any payment, the financial state of the syndicate will still be coherent (for example: a member’s balance is £0.00; 1. he pays £16.0, covering the next round; 2. the tickets for the next round are bought; now, if you were to undo operation 1., the final member’s balance would become -£16.00, which is unacceptable; therefore, the undo operation fails, and the only way to actually undo it is to undo operation 2. first).

Do your best to avoid undoing operations that affect more than one member (these being: equal winnings sharing and regular tickets buying), unless you just entered a wrong one.

If you simply have to undo one such operation, the rule to bear in mind is that the syndicate must have exactly the same active members it had when the operation was done. That implies that any new member has to be suspended while undoing the operation (as soon as the undoing succeeds, he may be resumed). In addition, any suspended member that was not suspended at the time the payment took place has to be resumed while undoing the operation (as soon as the undoing succeeds, he may be suspended once again). Both ways, if a member that was active when the payment was made has been ejected since, the money history will lose consistency.

If the exact member configuration from the moment the payment being undone cannot be achieved, the effect will be random: people may show up having in their accounts money that should have never got there, or certain members accounts might hold in the end less than they should – and this would mean, audit incoherency. At best, the syndicate history would become only inconsistent, in that operations that actually took place would not be reflected. At the very best, the undo operation would simply fail.
5. Syndicate Agreement

All the pages of a manager will show, under the syndicate name, any issues related to it.

Possible issues are: no agreement having ever been drawn (printed in red), and insufficient data being available (printed in dark blue).

It is considered that there is insufficient data to draw the agreement when the agreement is set to contain all the played lines, but there are members having unset lines. Note that in this case, a PDF version of the syndicate agreement may still be downloaded; but it will contain a note mentioning that respective agreement is actually an agreement preview.


This page allows the syndicate manager to set up his agreement as he sees fit.
The checkboxes control what sections should the agreement contain.

‘Games and draws’ → ‘Lines’ and ‘Members information’ have wider scope than just the agreement, in that they control whether information concerning members and their respective lines is available in several sections of the site, not only in the syndicate agreement. For example, the syndicate statistics being shown on the right side of pages; the ‘Luckiest user’ would be displayed as a member name if ‘Members information’ were set, and username if not.

The agreement menu reflects the status of these settings:

Viewing Rules

This page (which is always available) offers the information covered in the ‘Games and Draws’, ‘Winnings’, ‘Contribution failure’ and ‘Other arrangements’ sections.

Viewing Members

Here can be seen a list of all active syndicate members, each with their respective details chosen to be shown (if any).
This page may be disabled entirely by disabling the members section in the agreement.

Viewing Lines

This page shows a list of all lines chosen by syndicate members. The name of the member who has chosen a certain line is shown only if the agreement is set to contain members’ info.
This page may be disabled entirely by disabling the lines section in the agreement.
6. Announcements

Functionality is provided, that allows you to configure and send announcement to members in a centralised way.

Configuring automated announcements

This page allows you to choose whether rollovers, agreement changes, and last draw winnings should be automatically sent to members or not.

Default configuration for the winnings announcement is that it is automatically sent to members after each lottery draw, as soon as the results are evaluated. An option to choose whether this announcement should only be sent if any matching lines occurred is also provided.

Contribution reminder announcements are automatically sent to all the members who do not have enough in their collections account, one week before the date automated reports are sent to the manager.

Setting up announcements templates

£ offers you default templates for all announcement types. However, if you should like to customise the content of any such announcements, you may use this page.

Possibility to go back to the site-provided text also exists. Note that any changes must be confirmed by clicking ‘Update’.

Items appearing between square brackets are special text that is to be replaced in every sent announcement. Any changes occurring between the brackets would cause the rendering of such items as regular text.

Allowed bracketed items are:
  • [syndicate:name] – holds the name of the syndicate;
  • [syndicate:count] – holds the number of active members;
  • [syndicate:tariff] – holds the cost of a round’s tickets;
  • [syndicate:lines_per_member_draw] – number of lines a member chooses for a game;
  • [syndicate:draws_per_round] – holds the number of draws (of any game) played by any member of the syndicate, on each draw;
  • [syndicate:weeks_per_round] – holds the number of weeks a round takes;
  • [syndicate:games] – holds a text describing the games the syndicate plays;
  • [syndicate:draws] – holds a text holding both the games the syndicate plays and the draws they are played on;
  • [lastdraw:date] – holds the date of the last draw the syndicate played, in the form ‘weekday(short) day/month/year’; for example, ‘Sat 02/10/2004’;
  • [lastdraw:matched] – holds the number of lines matched on the last draw the syndicate played;
  • [rollover] – holds a text describing whether the next draw(s) to be played by the syndicate is (are) rollovers, in the form ‘a Lotto[ Extra] rollover’, ‘Lotto and Lotto Extra rollovers’;
  • [rollover:day] – holds the name of the day the above mentioned rollover(s) will take place;
  • [rollover:jackpot] – holds the amount estimated to be the jackpot on the rollover draw(s), in the form ‘£amount (Lotto[ Extra])’ or ‘£amount (Lotto); £amount (Lotto Extra)’;
  • [agreement:drawn] – holds the date and time of the latest syndicate agreement change, in the form ‘weekday(short) day/month/year hour:minute’; for example, this may contain ‘Sat 25/09/2004 16:39’;
  • [manager:name] – holds the name of the manager;
  • [manager:name;first] – holds the first name of the manager;
  • [manager:name;last] – holds the last name of the manager;
  • [manager:mail] – holds the email address of the manager;
  • [member:name] – holds the name of the member being addressed;
  • [member:name;first] – holds the first name of the member being addressed;
  • [member:name;last] – holds the last of the member being addressed;
  • [member:mail] – holds the email address of the member being addressed;
In the case of an invitation being sent, there is also a special item, [member:code], holding the activation code of that member. In all other cases, this item is undefined, and will be left as is (‘[member:code]’).

Custom sending of announcements

This page allows sending of email announcements to members at any moment. The text to be sent is completely editable, though it can have an email template as a starting point.

You may choose more than one member for recipient(s).
Suspended members’ names appear in orange.

The subject of the email is the same as the subject of the chosen template, or the syndicate name if a template was not chosen.
7. Winnings

You may choose to see either the matched lines on the last played draw(s), or the entire winnings history of the syndicate.

Latest Winnings

This page shows all the lines that matched on the latest played lottery draw.

Members appear only if ‘Members list’ is checked in the syndicate agreement.

Line numbers are shown in grey if they did not match or in bold blue if they matched. In the case of the 5 + bonus winnings type, the bonus ball is printed in blue.

Winnings History

This page shows all the lines that were matched by the syndicate, no matter when.

All displaying conventions are exactly the same on the latest winnings page.
8. Current Lines

Functionality is provided, that allows you to view and edit the lines of all syndicate members, as well as to take snapshots of the lines at any moment.

Current chosen lines

This page shows the lines chosen by all syndicate members this very moment.

Members are ordered alphabetically, with members having unset lines appearing in red at the beginning of the list(s). Members with no set lines appear first, as can be seen.

An option to take a snapshot of the current lines is also provided. Use with care! This feature is only designed to be used when not all member lines were set on the reports date, after filling in the missing ones (you are notified of such event in the ‘Last snapshot taken’ line, with a ‘not ok’). This should never be used unless between rounds, for reasons explained in chapter III.

Clicking a member’s name will bring up a page that allows setting and changing the lines of that respective member.

Current lines snapshot

This page shows the last snapshot taken of the syndicate lines – these are the current lines for the entire current round.
Also, one-off lines set are shown.

If the snapshot is faulty (not all members had set their lines by the time it was taken), you are warned in bold red on the ‘taken’ line.

Editing a member's lines

This page contains all the lines set for that respective members; if any lines are not set as yet, a blank field with an ‘Add’ button is provided.

A change of an already-set lines requires confirmation:

Editing your own lines

This page is similar in all respects to the edit page of any other member.

Editing one-off lines

This page allows addition and removal of one-off lines.

It was considered unnecessary that one such line allow editing; it is fairly easy to remove a line then re-add it correctly.
9. Reports

This page allows configuration of reports scheduling, as well as getting report previews based on the currently available data.

The next set of reports will be received on the date of the month set in the top field. Please set this as to correspond to the day following the date of the last draw in the current round, so that the results of the last draw in the current round may be correctly evaluated.

The ‘Syndicate evolution’ report, not being a momentary report, must have the time span set. This span is set by using the second input box. Available options are one month, two months, a quarter, one half of year, one year, or five years.

Click any report name to get its preview.
10. Configuration

This page allows the actual setup of the syndicate.

As such, it allows for changing the syndicate manager (see chapter III for procedural details), changing the games and draws that the syndicate plays, as well as the number of lines a member plays per draw and the number of draws in a round. The description to be displayed in £’s syndicates list can also be changed from here.

This page is usually the first page a manager should visit after registering his syndicate; later changes may be not recommendable (refer to chapter III for limitation details).

A manager also has the option to publish his email address from here; if he is already publishing his email address, he has the option to extend the time for which this happens.

As stated in chapter III, email publishing is NOT a free service, since it is in no way related to the managerial activities.
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