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Join a syndicate!
Join Animal Farm syndicate!
Lottery Helper has its own syndicate called the ANIMAL FARM SYNDICATE, which you are invited to join even if you are already a member of a syndicate.
There is a sign up fee of £35 which is :
Join Animal Farm Syndicate!
  • £15/year for the membership
  • £10 for 4 weeks payment for lottery lines (refundable deposit that covers lines if payments stops by some reason, allowing us time to resolve)
  • £10 is payment for the first 4 weeks cost of lines (at every 4 weeks you will have to pay £10 for the tickets and you can also pay in advance)
What are you waiting for ?
Sign up now and be part of a 9 members syndicate!
Are you invited to join a syndicate?
If you have received an invitation email from some of our hosted syndicates click here to continue!
Do you wish to join a syndicate, but don't know which?
Click here to see a list of available syndicates, and feel free to contact any syndicate manager who published his email address for this purpose.
You can only contact the syndicate managers for requesting an invitation. For more details please read our Terms of Use.
Luckiest syndicate
Griffins Chartered Accountants
Luckiest user
snorrab (of Snorrab)
Syndicates count : 4650
Users count : 7521
Matched 6 : -
Matched 5 + bonus : -
Matched 5 : 5 times
Matched 4 : 349 times
Matched 3 : 6679 times
Biggest winning : £10.00 mil
Average winning : £9,767
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